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Interior Design

I love creating personalized spaces for my clients.  Integrating existing beloved furniture -- a favorite chair, art and objects -- adds great interest and depth to the design-scape. Whether working with an existing architectural style or designing a new one, the creative process is always collaborative for me.  Many designers take the start fresh, throw it all out approach which often renders an impersonal “showroom feel” that is all about the designer, and not you the client.  I don’t operate that way.  Your style and vision is important, and I can help you refine it.  When your friends and family visit, they should see that your home reflects you.

Whether starting construction, remodeling or refreshing your current home, it is great to start the relationship as soon as possible to get a cohesive look and a smooth outcome.  Interior Design services can be tailored to your needs, but generally include: visioning; space planning; selection of furniture, fabrics, lighting, window coverings, floor coverings; art and objet; acquisition and installation.

Consultation: Acquisition and Liquidation

Art and interesting items in your home should have meaning and symbolism that is relevant to you. These are items that should “speak to you” and you should love.  They are not always easy to identify or find.  Whether sourced from galleries, auctions, shops or flea markets it is important to bring these items together in a style that makes you feel like it has always been that way.  This is an exciting part of the project, and whether you want to participate in the process, or direct me to do it for you, we will complete an interesting and layered home with depth.

Additionally, sometimes it is time to say “good-bye” to items and art that you no longer relate to and have decided to move on from. Navigating consignment and auctions can be a tricky process, of which I love sharing my knowledge and experience, and advising clients.

*Recommendations upon request.